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dallas ladies we love our accessories designers, but we do not always do as their price tags. For those looking for a high standard, but must remain aware of the budget, there Keeks Designer Handbags, a resale shop founded by former Hockadaisy Kristen Donnell.

Donnell knows a thing or two about the business opportunity thanks to his father and business partner, Mark Kane, who founded CD Warehouse; Movie Trading Company; and EntertainMart, a reseller of electronic products such as mobile phones, iPads and DVD. Donnell joined the family business three years ago, after working as a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs here in Dallas.

The duo wanted to tap into the female market, and including the sale of handbags was a good way to do it. Besides, as Donnell joking, she is much more interested in the scholarships that video games. And, unlike most resale shops that offer all kinds of clothes and accessories, they decided to become the definitive resource for bags of second hand creators.

gucci outlet online,gucci fanny pack,gucci wallet for women,gucci suits
gucci outlet online,gucci fanny pack,gucci wallet for women,gucci suits

“Rather than being a jack-of-all, we prefer to be a master of one,” said Donnell. “We like the idea of handbags, jewelry and accessories that are no sizes, and nothing must be tried.”

Also, unlike other resale stores, which operate on consignment, Keeks purchases items from its outright client. “When the customer brings us a bag to sell, we give him a claim check, do some research and call her back as soon as possible,” said Donnell.

Keeks typically pays 40-50 percent of its retail price and up to 60 percent for a store credit. If the customer accepts the offer, his bag is then authenticated by an expert third party store or professional. The purchasing process is fast, usually 24 to 48 hours.
There are currently two Keeks shops: Preston and Frankford Road in Far North Dallas, which just opened a few months ago, and Vista Ridge in Lewisville. Both offer handbags of designers from Michael Kors to Louis Vuitton. Between the two, and eBay platform online Keeks about 2500 bags available for purchase, and 300 are generally sold per site per month.

Prices start at $ 60 for, say, a Coach bag and can go as high as $ 1,500 for LV. Most bags of high-end designers fall into the range of $ 400 to $ 500.

Donnell states that the objectives of the store is simple: to offer women handbags designers that seemed out of reach and give them a way to clean their closets while making a little money.

“Whether the coach, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi, Chanel or Hermes same, we want this to happen to our customers,” she said. “We hope to create long-standing relationships with our clients on both the buying and selling side of the business.”

Although there are bags available for purchase online, Donnell says most customers prefer to see and touch the bag to ensure authenticity. However, if the bag wrong somehow Experts Keeks compensates for the error.

“We guarantee that our bags are 100 percent authentic,” she said. “If for some reason we bought a” superfake, “we will either refund the customer 125 percent of money or repay 100 percent his money and cover the cost of its authentication by another source. ”

Donnell said that if all goes well with the new location – which has more of a premium feel that his brother Lewisville, like Louis Vuitton is the leading brand – then the expansion is a distinct possibility. Keeks is open Monday to Friday, 11:00 to 8:00 p.m.; Saturday, 10:00 to 9:00 p.m.; and Sunday, noon to 20 hours.